Why is it so hard to believe God?

Aug 02, 2022

I'm not talking about believing IN God. While some people have trouble believing IN God, that's not what this post is about.

My question is, "Why is it so hard to believe God?" 

We believe God when He tells us that our sins were forgiven by Jesus' death on the cross.

We believe God when He tells us we will go to heaven when we die because Jesus' resurrection proved His power over sin and death.

Why don't we believe God when He gives us His promise regarding the situations we are facing today?

If God, the Creator and Sustainer of LIFE, has gone to the ends of the earth to provide salvation for our souls, how much more will He give us everything we need? (Romans 8:32)

Here's the deal. God's filled His Word (the Bible) with over 3000 promises that pertain to life here on earth. Out of those 3000, a few of them are yours for the taking. You discover which ones belong to you by reading the Bible daily with a submissive heart and open mind. You invite God to speak to you through His Word. 

As you are reading, a Scripture verse or passage jumps off the page into your heart and you know it was written just for you. Here are a few from Isaiah that have done just that for me.

Isaiah 61:3, Isaiah 13:9, Isaiah 55:10-11, Isaiah 44:3.

And here's the truth. 

If God makes a promise, God's gonna keep it.

Simple as that. 

So, if you are having trouble believing God, consider the fact that the God who has done everything is capable of doing anything and it's just a matter of time until He does that thing! 

Richard Bucher in his book, The Promising Godsays that we ought to pray like this, 

"Father in heaven, I call upon you to do for me what you have promised to do. This isn't about me. It's about you. I know I don't deserve this. I'm quite undeserving. But the keeping of your promises depends on your character, not mine. You have promised. You have attached your name to it. It is your reputation that is on the line here. Your character, not mine, So I rejoice that you will indeed keep this promise for me when the time is right. For you are gracious. You are truthful. You are faithful. You are my God." 




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