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Read Leighann's father, Mike Keesee's mystery novel. Fondly known as Poppop by Leighann's kids and Mikel, her oldest daughter, is his namesake. 


Sixty-year-old Sam Higgins, mountain mid-wife, and 18-year-old ex-slave Mandy, and her 20- year-old brother Sampson, form an unusual trio solving mysteries haunting beautiful Hudson Cove in the late 18th century North Georgia mountains. Along with Sam’s deputy sheriff son Jake, they make a formidable team. In Stranger in the Cove, they wrestle with the mysterious death of a stranger, the strange behavior of Robert Hudson, wounded civil-war veteran, and the appearance of another stranger, unexpectedly showing up near death on Sam’s doorstep.
Stranger in the Cove is a not only a mystery, but a story of people being Christian examples even in face of those who would disrupt the peaceful harmony of the Cove.

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