I want to teach you to pray in such a way that you experience God's presence and His power in your life daily.

And, I want to do that same thing for your church.


- Leighann McCoy



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The Prayer Clinic

Leighann's unique creation to assist churches in praying with people and tracking these prayers as God is answering them. Truly becoming God's prayer- powered church. Click below for powerful testimonies and more information about what God is doing in current prayer clinics.

The Prayer Clinic









Open House for the Prayer Clinic

Do you want your church to be a house of prayer? Join Leighann and her host Church, Thompson Station Church for a half day retreat of experiencing the Prayer Clinic at work. Included in fee will be the book: Teach My Heart to Pray, Breakfast, Lunch, and a coupon towards any Prayer Clinic Purchase. To be held at Thompson Station Church in Thompson Station, Tennessee.

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Study With Me

Leighann McCoy has published 18 books with her 19th coming soon. She combines a spiritual depth with witty humor while tackling life's real problems. 

Teach My Heart to Pray


This is the flag ship study for launching the Prayer Clinic but  can also be used as a standalone study to open your heart to truly pray for the things we desperately need and want in life. This is also given to all Prayer Clinic Open House Attendees.

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June Summer Study


Up in Smoke
Zechariah 2:5

Up in Smoke is a summer women’s Bible study that begins June 20 and ends July 27. In this 6-week online study, you will learn how God used fire as an expression of His passion toward us beginning with the Old Testament’s sacrificial system of worship and culminating with the tongues of fire that fell on the early believers with the birth of the Church.

In this study you will discover: 

  • How far God will go to have an intimate relationship with you.
  • How the glory of God will purify you.
  • How to ignite your prayers so that they work.
  • What it’s like to meet Jesus at a charcoal fire.
  • How to let God keep your fire burning.

On Mondays of each week participants will receive a video and personal study guide for that week.

Throughout the study women will gather on a private online community to share what they are learning. We will post our insights related to the discussion questions as well as share our summer experiences and pictures.

Each week we will have a drawing for a PRIZE! To qualify for the drawing you just need to show up in the community and make comments.

The study will culminate with an in person celebration on Wednesday, July 27 from 6:30-8PM at Thompson Station Church.


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