Spiritual Authority and How to Use It Part 1

praying for the lost praying god's word praying through pain spiritual authority spiritual warfare victory Mar 10, 2022

Ephesians 6 is our "go to" passage of Scripture when we think of spiritual warfare. But too often we approach this chapter from the mindset of someone who wants to protect themselves and their family, and so we show up with the mindset of a defender.

What if I told you that God invited us to enter a war that's already been won, and He wants us to go and free those who have yet to discover their victory?

What if I told you that spiritual warfare is something to engage in with an attitude of an offensive aggressive warrior?

Think about that for a minute.

We have become so twisted in our thinking that we don't even want to talk about spiritual warfare, much less engage in it! But we are here to fight and win! And the truth is, WE ALREADY HAVE WON! 

My friend, Jennifer Kennedy Dean and I created a great online course that is called Praying for the Lost. If you want to be effective in praying for those you know who are resisting the gospel; they've either no interest in its message OR they've rejected it, you will love this study! 

It's actually a great course to take simply to grow in your effectiveness in sharing Jesus with others, and in winning the spiritual battles that are yours to win.

Praying for the Lost will teach you how to pray effectively for anything that will bring glory to the LORD by inviting Him to take full authority in a situation or a project, or a war, or any other thing where we want "Thy will done on earth as it is in heaven."

I am borrowing from Jennifer's insights in this post.

Spiritual authority is ours when we are strengthened by God.

When Scripture says that we should "be strong in the LORD," the command is not to get out there and workout by lifting spiritual barbells, or by collecting medals of honor in bloody battles, the exhortation is for us to position ourselves before God to be strengthened  by Him.

Jennifer explained that when we worship God; when we recognize Him, acknowledge His Lordship, and actively place our confidence in Him, THAT is when and how we are strengthened (by Him).

This is a place of receiving not achieving.

Spiritual authority is ours when we clothe ourselves in Christ.

Jennifer then explained that every piece of the armor listed in Ephesians 6 is an aspect of Jesus. We don't pick up random and various pieces of armor and buckle it on to ourselves, we receive every significant part of our armor as we yield ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus. Check out these verses as they relate to the armor of God being the person of Jesus.

Truth                          John 14:6

Righteousness          I Corinthians 1:30

Gospel of Peace       Ephesians 2:14 and Romans 5:1

Faith                           Hebrews 12:2

Salvation                    Hebrews 2:10 and 5:9

Word of God             John 1:1

Spiritual authority is ours when we confront the enemy from a posture of superiority.

Our enemy is waiting for us--he's scheming, he's watching for us. When he makes his move, it's our turn to take the superior posture we've been given and declare him defeated.

We aren't afraid. We don't shrink back. We go looking for him and when we find him we expose him and destroy his strategies and schemes.

Spiritual victory is ours when we wield the sword of the Spirit that is the word of God.

When Ephesians 6:10 says, "Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes,"Paul isn't inviting his listeners to barely show up shaking in their boots hopeful the devil won't "get them!" 

He is declaring a victory stance--the kind that places the heel of your combat boot on the head of your defeated foe and cries out VICTORY IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!

Jennifer said it like this, "There's no room left in there for the possibility that we might be the one on the ground." 

Check out Part 2 next week where Jennifer teaches us exactly how we create an unbeatable combination punch to exert spiritual authority and defeat the enemy! 

Better yet, purchase Praying for the Lost, the 21-day online course here and hear Jennifer Kennedy Dean teach these truths--you will love her! 

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