Parenting People Who are Deconstructing Their Faith Conclusion

christian no more deconversion parents of adult children people deconstructing their faith Jan 07, 2022

For those of you who are walking this path, this has no doubt been an emotional journey. I hope that your heart is encouraged by listening to the 3 (kind of) part series I just completed on my podcast, The Prayer Clinic Podcast.

I promised you some links in this blogpost and I want to deliver on my promise. First, here is a link to the book I'm reading by John Marriott, The Anatomy of Deconversion.  This book is a must read for you. It will help you understand what your children might be thinking and feeling but have a hard time sharing.

Another resource I promised was a link to my daughter Mikel's testimony on you tube. Now, this has not been professionally recorded, it's just us--in A120 (this room at our church that everyone loves where our women gather on Wednesday evenings). And to you it might be hard to hear--but to me it is a bonafide MIRACLE from the LORD.

The way you might feel right now regarding your children who are deconstructing their faith...magnify that by the fact that Mikel was in a physically, emotionally and mentally abusive relationship where she could have lost her life, then add a granddaughter who was less than 3 years old...and you know a wee bit how I felt during the 8 years I was praying that path. 

When I watch this you tube link and hear how Mikel is sharing for the very first time, how she met God in the dark places, I can hardly listen without my heart racing. Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who is in an abusive relationship--or who has a child who is in an abusive relationship.

Here is the link. Mikel McCoy Testimony on You Tube

And then, here are the verses that hang in my kitchen. 

 We are right here right now. We are parents of people who are deconstructing their faith and guess what...

WE ARE A-OKAY! God is good and so are we. Let's just keep prayin' my prayin' people! 

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