God Plays Favorites! (Part 3 of 3 Things Your Pastor Might Not Have Told You About Prayer)

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This is the third thing you pastor might not have told you about prayer. Now that we’ve dealt with 2 MAJOR issues we have with prayer—I’m going to conclude with this big one. Are you ready for this? It just might knock your socks off! 

Here goes...

God Does Play Favorites

  Your pastor most likely spends much of His time explaining that Jesus died for ALL the world, (because He did!) and that it’s not God’s desire that ANY should perish, but that ALL come to eternal life through Christ (because it is!).

But, does he tell you the secret to becoming one of God’s favorites?

We have a large church, and I love everyone in it, but there are a few families who belong to our congregation that I spend more time with. I know them better and I share more of myself with them. There are some I’d even give my car to if I were out of town and didn’t need it.

 That’s not really a great illustration because I would most likely give my car to anyone who needed it if I were out of town.

 But there are a few that I’d let go spend a week at my “laughing place” in the NC mts. But fewer still that I might trust my granddaughters with.

In the same way that we give more of ourselves, and therefore our treasures to those we are closest to--God gives His glorious riches to those who are closest to Him.

Jesus did this.

He preached to the crowds, taught the congregation, and shared life with the disciples. THEN, he shared his most intimate thoughts with his 3 dearest friends.

So, if I were you and I were listening to me say this, I would ask, “How do I get in on being God’s favorite?”

  1. You spend a lot of time with Him in prayer (the 2-way conversation kind of prayer).
  2. You read His Journal (the Bible)—and search out His heart.
  3. You put your complete trust in Him.

In fact, I’ve come to understand that the more I trust Him, the more I experience Him working in my life.

I’ve also come to understand that I have a very hard time releasing control of the people and circumstances that matter most to me.

But if you want God to work in your life…and you want to experience miracles in your messes, you’re going to have to stop holding on to things so tightly.

Think of it this way, you’re not giving up on that person or situation, you’re just giving up control. You’re stepping aside, and giving God the “reigns.” You’re letting Him call the shots, and letting Him make the moves, and letting Him do the things (or not do the things) that you could be doing.

By doing this—you prove to Him that you trust Him.

There's a sweet release in turning loose of your "thing." In fact, God doesn't really have it until you do. 

Surrender means letting go. Try this. Take your hands and wrap them around your "thing." (situation, person, problem)--hold is as tight as your desire is for God to fix it.

Are your knuckles turning white?

Now, pry your fingers loose, release your grip and imagine your "thing" balanced precariously in your open hands.

Carefully lift those hands heavenward, be careful not to spill your thing!!! Get it as close as your arms can read toward God.

Imagine Him stooping down to scoop it up.


Turn your hands over so that your "thing" has no choice but to tumble out.

Let it (him/her/them/that) fall.

God's Got This! 

As you release your situation, loved one, circumstances, problem—and stand before God with empty hands, watch and see what He does.

God’s given you a book full of incredible promises that you now have the ability to take hold of. Find your promise and hold it tight. 

Let go of your problems and cling to His promises.

Read the Bible enough to discover these promises for yourself. The amazing thing about the Bible is that it is living and active. God will activate Scripture and apply it directly to your life.

Take hold of the promises He's given to you. Make them your own. And hold God to His Word--He loves it when you do this.

God works most in the lives of people who trust Him.

You’re not really His favorite—you’re just smart enough to understand how to experience Him most in your life.

There you have it! 3 Things Your Pastor Might Not Have Told You about Prayer.

I want to close with this, the devil will do anything he can to discourage you when you pray. He’s going to stir up doubt, heap on discouragement and taunt you with God’s seeming silence. He’ll do everything he can to shut your eyes to what’s going on in the heavenlies when you pray. Don't let him have that victory. 

Hang in there! God's up to something good. And soon He's going to show you what happens to His favorites. :) 


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