Checkout These Great Resoures About Praying through Pain and Suffering

Feb 09, 2022

The most thorough and challenging read on this subject is C. S. Lewis' book

The Problem of Pain. 

This is a great report on Lewis' book by David Hume. It won't take you as much time to read as the book. :) 

C.S. Lewis and David Hume on the Problem of Evil

This article gives you a great summary of each chapter and key quotes from the book. It's kind of like a quick weekend vacation rather than a 10-day tour with C.S. Lewis. 

The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis, Summary, Quotes and Chapter Outlines

(Says it's a 29 minute read--so maybe a 30-minute visit rather than a 4 hour workshop.) 

And when I googled, "What about when God isn't good?" This article came up!

When God Doesn't Seem Good

Sarah Walton did a great job of addressing how questioning the goodness of God challenges the confidence we place in Him. She includes this powerful quote from Lydia Brownbeck in her book, 


"God often acts contrary to how we think a good God should act. The answer we think we need seems to logical and clear to our way of thinking, yet God does not provide it. That is where faith comes in. Real faith isn't the belief that God will do a particular thing; real faith is the conviction that God is good, no matter what He does and however He chooses to answer our prayers. God always has our best in mind, and He works to bring it about, no matter how it may look initially to our way of thinking." 

 This next resource is by John Piper. It is a message on Lazarus' death and resurrection. In it, Piper reminds us of his life's message: God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him.

Even When it Hurts, How Christ Reveals Himself in Pain by John Piper

I delivered a message that included this text a few years ago (well, many actually--it was in 2014) at Thompson Station Church. In this challenge to Romans 8:28 through Martha and Mary's crisis of Lazarus' death I share that God really is good all the time! 

You need to know that when I was delivering this message my daughter Mikel was in the thick of a life-threatening abusive relationship and estranged from me. Today Mikel works full time with me in my ministry. (Just a bit of reality you need to know!) 

Here's a link to my message, 

Romans 8:28, You've Got to Be Kidding Me! 

Let's gird ourselves with truth and be the powerful prayer warriors God has created us to be by knowing how to effectively pray through pain and suffering.

If you want to have resources that will mobilize your church to have a powerful prayer ministry where people can learn what it means to experience all that God has for them in their pain and suffering, check out the Prayer Clinic ministry at 



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