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Hi, I'm Leighann McCoy. Welcome.

"Biographies are but the clothes and buttons of a man, the biography of the man himself cannot be written." 

--Mark Twain 

All biographies begin with the people and places...

Leighann McCoy grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with her parents and three sisters. She was the second oldest of 4 girls: Sharon, Leighann, Mitzi, and Amy Keesee. Her parents are Michael and Lounette Keesee who still live in Marietta, Georgia. Leighann graduated from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama and completed her master's at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas where she met her husband, Tom McCoy. She and Tom have three children: Mikel, Kaleigh, and TJ. She has two granddaughters: Misty and River. Mikel and her daughters live with Leighann and her husband. Her younger daughter, Kaleigh is married to Jeff and they live in Colorado. While her son, TJ lives in New York City. 

Then they move toward the things we do...

      She is on staff at Thompson Station Church where her husband is the senior pastor and she is the prayer minister. In their 30+ years of ministry (at TSC), she and her husband have watched God grow their small town church from 8 people to over 1500 regular attendees. She's worn many hats in local church ministry from preschool and children's, women's, next gen, and prayer minister. Leighann also served as a consultant in her denomination's state office and as a ministry multiplier, conference leader and writer for Lifeway Christian resources. In addition to being an author (published by Bethany House, Worthy and DaySpring and others) and speaker (on location, podcasts, television and radio).

And then the things that make our hearts sing...

  Prayer ministry truly holds her heart and is God's calling on her life. Most of her books are focused on prayer. And the Prayer Clinic ministry was birthed out of her passion to empower churches to become houses of prayer.

  Thompson Station Church is a living laboratory that gives witness to just what God does when His people pray. Most recent evidence being that we baptized over 280 people in 2021 in spite of Covid.

And the things that make our hearts cry...

      Blessings and heartaches are often mingled together. "Beauty from ashes"  can greatly represent many events that have happened in Leighann's life. From a prodigal daughter returned home from a divorce with two children, to a personal battle with cancer followed closely by losing her sister Sharon, to cancer. Leighann has also journeyed with family members through:

domestic violence, drug addiction, New Age thought, hinduism, buddhism, witchcraft, deconstruction of faith, fostering and adoption, crisis pregnancies, the list goes on.

Leighann has faced adversity with God at the forefront and she has overcome. You can read more about these struggles and how God spoke to her in these times in her books that she has written to help others as they face similar conflicts. 

The things that keep us going...

      Prayer has been Leighann's lifeline to communicating with her Savior. Because she is convinced that God hears and answers us when we pray, she has created a wonderful tool in the Prayer Clinic to assist churches in tracking their prayers for their people so they can know when God has answered their prayers. The Prayer Clinic is also a place of great outreach to a church's community. Through praying with people we bridge the gap that separates so many from healthy Christ-centered community only the church can provide. 

And the things that refill our tanks...

      For fun Leighann enjoys reading, writing (of course!), exercising, spa-ing (is that a thing?), driving Tom crazy with projects, and traveling with friends and family. One of her favorite places being a hideaway in the Appalachian mountains often referred to as her, 'laughing place' in some of her books. She also loves spending time with her children and granddaughters. 

From left to right: TJ, Mikel, Misty, Tom, Kaleigh, Jeff, Leighann, River, Mike Keesee, and Lounette Keesee

Tom and Leighann McCoy in Nashville

From Left to Right: Mikel, Misty, River, and Leighann (Nana) 

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