Can I Trust God to Meet My Needs in THIS?!

can i trust god prayer praying through pain promise keeper provider Feb 26, 2022

Sometimes we find ourselves in circumstances that overwhelm us. They challenge the very fiber of our faith. 

Let me share a secret. The devil is eager for you to cave to the temptation you're struggling with that tells you to let your circumstances dictate your faith. The devil is a master deceiver and he knows just how to manipulate situations so that they tear away at the teeny little part we play in God's guarantee that He will perform miracles that cannot be counted and wonders that cannot be fathomed. (Job 5:9)

So here's my word to you:


Turn your eyes off the circumstances and know that those things happening don't worry God one little bit. He is above and beyond all of...that...(whatever that is). 

We serve a promise-keeping, provision-supplying Savior!

The God who promises to take us to the other side is the same God who guarantees He will supply us with EVERYTHING WE NEED to get us from here to there! 

Here are some things to keep in mind when you find yourself wandering in the wilderness: 

  1. God cares. 

He knows this is hard and He cares that you’re hurting. He has compassion on you and will meet you where you are.  Reflect on the thought of being held in your Saviors arms.

  1. Your life is now. 

Sometimes when we are waiting on God to get us through “this” to get “there” we miss a whole lot of life. The last time I found myself in the wilderness, it lasted 8 years. When I got to the other side I realized that almost a decade of my life was gone! Don’t miss what God has for you today because you are so focused on what you can’t wait for Him to give to you tomorrow or next year; or, one person I met this week shared how 34 years later her prayer was answered!  

  1. You have a golden opportunity to please God and reveal Him to those around you. 

HOW you weather this storm will tell the people you know WHAT you believe about God and WHO you consider Him to be.

When you walk with your head held high and your shoulders back—in full confidence that He not only intends to keep His promise but also to meet your every need every step of the way---people watching you will recognize you are sourcing your sanity from a supernatural place.

For those who don’t know Him, they will be curious. For those who do—they will be inspired. 

  1. Only now can you feast on manna. 

In the wilderness God fed the Israelites directly from His own hand.

Think about that. Their perfectly nutritious wilderness-wandering-diet came to them from Gods’ kitchen in heaven.

Once they got to the promised land they were fed the traditional way God feeds us by cultivating the food God allows to grow. But when they were in the wilderness they didn’t plant, nor did they harvest, what their bodies needed to survive the journey.

They were fed directly by God.


Invite Him to develop in you an appetite for manna.

Lord, let me learn to be satisfied with what You choose to feed me here and now. I want to be so confident in Your promise and so certain in Your wisdom, power and love that I can be as satisfied with You right here as I am when we get over there.

Oh God, forgive me for being anxious. Forgive me for complaining. Forgive me for failing to trust You. Forgive me for disdaining the diet and direction Your love has chosen for me. 

I will not tolerate or succumb to the enemy’s power over me. I will rejoice in God my Savior, place my petitions before You and wait in expectation as I serve You here and now.


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