Does God Speak Specifically to You?

I don’t ever tire of this subject. Can you hear God speak to you specifically or does He only speak in generalities? Most people have responded to my video on Facebook with this answer: BOTH! “I’ve had both…” “Yes, both!” “I feel He does both…” I agree, God does speak to us both specifically and […]

Does God Mess With You?

The short answer is, “Of course not!” But there are times when it certainly feels like he does. Like that time when… Her daughter decided to marry that guy in spite of their warnings, and then severed her relationship with her family completely (even though she and her mother had been the best of friends […]

Regarding the Inauguration of Donald Trump (from a millennial perspective)

So, my beautiful children are now 24, 23 and 21. They all fit in the category of millennials and they often have much to say…about a lot of things. Of course they do! For if there’s been anything nurtured in our home, it’s been an environment where everyone’s thoughts have been encouraged to be shared. […]

Why Does God Make Us Wait?

So, here’s the deal. Prayer works, I know this well. How do I know? I know prayers work when they are answered, for the whole purpose of praying is for God to hear and answer! He tells us this over and over and over again in His Word. But sometimes God makes us wait. Why […]

Important Links to Exciting Stuff

There are so many guests visiting my site, that I decided it might be a good idea to share exactly what I am up to right now. My newest release, Spiritual Warfare for Your Family is available anywhere books are sold. You can get your copy right now on Amazon by clicking this link. Spiritual Warfare for Your […]

We have some exciting things going on!

Welcome to my website. If you heard me on the radio, I want you to know that I am so glad that you stopped by! These are exciting days for Never Fail Faith ministries. In a nutshell–I write books, speak, pray (alot!) and create online courses and resources. I give $$ and emotional energy to […]

Spiritual Warfare for Your Family is HERE

Hey my friends, Here it is, the reason cancer didn’t take me out… …the reason I didn’t lose my mind when my 18 year old got pregnant… …the reason I didn’t go “kill somebody” when somebody really seemed to need killing… …the reason I am breathing now… Go to this page to… …get your copy […]

Online Prayer Courses FREE!!!!

I am more than excited about this newest avenue for reaching out to you. In January I launched our first online prayer course, Prayer that Makes A Difference (Create a personal prayer strategy in 21 days). And we have had over 1100 people participate in it! Then Sunday, I released the 2nd online prayer study […]

Prayer : The Go-To Guide

Prayer is the most powerful privilege we have as believers. Prayer connects our hearts with the heart of God and through that mysterious– JESUS DIED FOR THIS TO HAPPEN connection, Prayer releases the power of God to accomplish the purposes of God in our lives today. Did you get that? PRAYER RELEASES POWER! And yet […]

On Prayer

If you’re like most people, you’ve uttered a prayer or two. “Oh God, please!!!! Get me out of this mess!” Or, “Lord, we desperately need You to…” And unless you are in the elite group of 16% of pastors who said they were satisfied with their prayer lives, you are most likely DIS-satisfied with the […]