He Said…She Said…Setbacks of Sin

Ok, so we’re back with Tom this week with his continuing series, “Greater Things” as we work our way through Joshua. You can listen to his message from Sunday, March 2 here. Setbacks of Sin.

greater-things-403x403  He said…”let me share 3 or 4 thoughts with you this morning.”

She said, “Doesn’t he know if its 3 or 4?”

He said…”God is never pleased with sin…Sin is unfaithfulness to our God, Sin is an affront to the heart of God…an attack to the heart of God…One of the biggest calamity’s of sin is that I hurt the relationship I have with God.”

She said…”This is so sad and never what the sinner is thinking when she sins. We forget that our sin hurts others and maybe we don’t care. But we rarely think about the harm sin does to our relationship with God!”

He said… “God can never bless sin.”

She said…”Some people have one difficulty after another, day in and day out, and they wonder why such terrible things are happening to them. Could it be that God has removed His blessing on their lives? Not because He wanted to but because of their sin His blessing was cut off.”

He said…”littly towny tine.” And then he said it several times!

She said…”That’s impressive and I’ve actually heard his tongue get tied a whole lot worse than that.”

He said…”You and I cannot win without God…we ought to be talking to God about our defeat!”

She said…”I actually edited what he said a bit. The application that comes to my heart is that when I am praying for God to breakthrough with spiritual victory in the lives of those I love…and when those I love are living with disregard for God; I need to intercede on their behalf and share God’s grief over their sin. Where I might be quick to disregard their sins because my love is mushy, God’s is not!”

He said…you can’t see him say this, but my good husband did a great impersonation of Eyore!

eeyore2  She said…”too many of us droop our heads as if God isn’t able.”

He said…”Lilly WAS a good bus driver.”

She said…”Oh, that is really embarassing for Lilly–wrecking her bus on the way to receive her ‘safe driver’ award!”

He said…”Sin brings calamatity, that’s true but God brings forgiveness and that is truer still. Then he told a great story about Mayor Laguardia in NYC who served “justice” and delivered “mercy” simultaneously, THEN collected a “fine” from those in court and gave $40 to a bewildered grandma who had stolen a loaf of bread to feed her grandchildren. God pronounces you guilty, and pulls out of His heart His own Son and gives you freedom from that guilt.”

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